What you should know about vaccinations

Choose a Veterinarian that follows the latest vaccination protocols. The Veterinarian you choose should be open to a partnership when it comes to managing your Havanese dog’s health.

The vaccination topic is quite controversial. Many Veterinarians and breeders have very different opinions on what vaccines should and should not be given. Some Veterinarians argue that breeders are not doctors and some breeders argue that Veterinarians do not specialize in caring for one specific breed, as they do. There is valuable information to be taken into consideration by the breeders of a particular breed. However, one must collect information carefully from both sides, when creating a health plan.

Extensive vaccine studies were conducted over a period of several years. These studies proved that the vaccination schedule in use at the time was not only unnecessary but also detrimental to the health and well being of our pet’s immune systems. It was found that Vaccinations continued to provide immunity for many years and annual re-vaccination is unnecessary after the first year of life. These were facts could not be ignored and therefore the protocols were changed.

However, following the new recommendations is voluntary! America’s Veterinary schools are teaching our future Veterinarians the new, safer vaccination protocols but there are Veterinarians who are choosing to continue with vaccinating the old way. Unfortunately, if a pet owner does not ask, you may not even know that you have a choice. Additionally, only rabies is required by law.

While The American Animal Hospital Association, recommends the new protocols, they do not require that member Veterinarians follow them. Here is a list of the new guidelines. You should take a moment to familiarize yourself with the schedule.

American Animal Hospital Association (this is a PDF, scroll down to page 4 of 28)


Please also visit Critter Advocacy an organization founded by Veterinarian Dr. Robert Rogers. http://www.critteradvocacy.org

On a personal note, I do not give my dogs non-core vaccinations such as Lepto and Lymes. After much research (from reputable sources) I learned that both vaccines do not guarantee protection from each disease and that both diseases if acquired, are treatable when detected and treated in a timely manner.

The Lepto vaccine is really a shot in the dark as far as I am concerned. There are over 200 strains of the disease and the vaccine covers less than five, it also does not provide cross-protection from all types. Furthermore, owners who are warned that they risk catching the disease from their dog should also be aware that your dog can still transmit the disease (carrier) to you EVEN when he is vaccinated! Still, how many people do you know caught Lepto from their dog?

Many Havanese are sensitive to both vaccines. Our Havanese are house dogs and companions, so it would be difficult to miss symptoms of illness.

I also am aware that the Corona vaccine is never necessary for a puppy over eight weeks of age. Corona is very rare if it occurs, it will only sicken puppies under eight weeks old. It is also self-limiting and most always clear on its own within a few days with no intervention. There is no medical reason to vaccinate ANY puppy or adult for Corona! Doing so can and has cause life-threatening adverse reactions in the breed.

Please read the following article by Allen M. Schoen, D.V.M., M.S. who is a practiCing Veterinarian and Author here in Connecticut Lyme Disease: Fact from Fiction

Next time you are in the examination room at the Veterinary clinic, STOP, hold your pet in your arms, do not place the dog on the examination table until you have discussed the plan for the visit with the Veterinarian BEFORE the examination begins. The majority of Veterinarians appreciate the proactive client and understand that answering your questions and discussing your concerns is their duty.

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