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Diatomaceous Earth: A non-toxic alternative to poisonous monthly worming medications. Learn more about the benefits of these crushed fossils.

Bordetella is also known as Kennel cough, it is a highly contagious Upper respiratory infection commonly occurring in dogs. Most boarding facilities and grooming facilities mandate that your dog be vaccinated for this. It is important to know that protection is not 100% as their are many strains, just like with human cold viruses.

There are two ways to administer protection, is there a right way vs wrong way to administer the initial vaccine and how often should your dog receive it? Here is an informative link to help you understand Bordetella and how to do your best to try to prevent it.

Lymes disease
 did you know that the vaccination does not necessarily prevent infection? Lymes disease is a preventable and treatable condition, symptoms are not easily ignored. So should your dog have the vaccine? You may like to be aware of the controversies surrounding this vaccine and decide for yourself if the benefits outweigh the risks for your pet.

Dr. Schoen is a Connecticut Veterinarian providing Holistic Veterinary care for small animals and equines.

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