Renaissance Havanese is located in southwestern Connecticut and operated by Veronica Guillet. Veronica  has over 20 years of experience as a professional breeder with expertise in canine genomics and genetics of the rare Havanese dog, the chief focus of the RH breeding program is genetic improvement. When you acquire a dog  from Renaissance Havanese, you will have absolute access to professional support and education based on a holistic approach to rearing and caring for your Havanese.

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Needham Status: Female puppy under 12 months available, suitable for kids, other animals (cat friendly) SAHMs, special needs encouraged to interview.

Seroquel from india is it safe One reservation available for a puppy going home in the Spring of 2024.

Our puppies are kid friendly & compatible with other pets. We get to know our families and are confident that we are placing each puppy with responsible families, so there are no age restrictions.

Placement of  select puppies will be with pre-approved families only. We have amended our method of operating to reflect the current situation and would be happy to discuss this in detail during a conversation.

Thank you for visiting our website! This site has been used as a reference for Havanese owners & breeders worldwide. It was created to benefit the Havanese breed and the people who love them!

 Twenty years on for RH, and the Havanese breed is still in the process of becoming America’s top dog. The Havanese is a small dog, yet large-boned and sturdy. The properly socialized Havanese puppy is a happy, loyal and social dog. The breed has a long coat that is odor-free and non-shedding. He is intelligent and easily trainable. The properly socialized Havanese puppy is friendly and emotionally balanced. He adores children whether they come into the family before or after his arrival. He is compatible with other dogs, big or small and other animals. He is playful but not hyperactive. The properly trained Havanese is watchful and alert but but not an excessive barker. He has a delightful and distinct personality that continues to bring much joy into the lives of families with children of all ages and empty-nesters alike.

What makes the Havanese a rare breed is their interesting history which stretches as far back as the 16th century. This delightful dog was brought to Cuba by the Spaniards and gifted to the families of wealthy businessmen, as a persuasive way to establish trading relationships. These companions became quite popular among the affluent set and taken back by visitors to England. Nevertheless, the Havanese roots were in Cuba with the dog becoming the national dog of Cuba. Eventually, it was possible for all families to own the breed and he became a working dog of sorts. It is said that he was used to herd chickens and as a watchdog. Probably due to the Havanese being alert by nature, he was also considered a guardian of the children as  families worked the farms.

Highly trainable due to their exceptional intelligence, the breed has also entertained folks at the circus. Once close to disappearing forever due to unrest during the Cuban Exodus; the breed was lovingly preserved and brought back from the brink of extinction by an American breeder, Dorothy Goodale of Colorado.