Supplies needed prior to the bath:

Stop right there! Unless your Havanese has no hair, you will need to thoroughly comb him and remove any tangles or mats from his coat. If you do not, mats can get even tighter and you may have to have them shaved to the skin! Not pretty folks! Even if you pup has short hair, run a comb through it from the skin, if it gets caught up, you need to comb or risk the embarrassment of walking a naked dog.

For info on the grooming tools refer to this section My Grooming Tools and for info on grooming prior to the bath refer to this section Grooming The Havanese

Supplies needed for the bath:

First, a working space, I can use a grooming table, a card table or a counter-top. A rubber bath mat or small area rug with rubber bottom will provide traction for the dog.

Cheap squeeze water bottles with the little pull-up top. Go to the dollar or discount store and pick up 2 to 4 of them. Can’t find? try applicator bottles from a beauty supply.

  • Eyewash solution (after bath to remove irritation, from shampoo & water.
  • Shampoo, a quality cosmetic dog shampoo, dogs do have different PH, you wouldn’t use dog shampoo.There are several high-quality brands specially formulated for grooming. Most must be diluted.
  • Conditioner, a quality dog conditioner
  • Rubber bath mat
  • Towel

What kind of shampoo? The stores are stocked with all kinds but how do you know which is best? This is strictly opinion but I found that a lot of over the counter shampoos didn’t produce the results I like. Now, I invest in quality shampoos, some formulated for simple bathing and others for show grooming, worth every cent!
#1 All Systems® and Coat HandlerTM make fine everyday shampoos. Clarifying shampoo should be on hand to remove buildup every few months and give a fresh start, check out Chris ChristensenTM products.

Prepare your shampoo: preparing your shampoo. Many are formulated to be diluted with water. Fill two squeeze bottles first with warm water, add your shampoo to bottle one and conditioner to bottle two, close and shake.

Bathing is easiest when your sink or tub is equipped with a sprayer. I prefer an ergonomic sprayer with an on/off button. You can purchase sprayers with adapters for the sink or tub. In my salon, I installed a utility sink because of the high sides and perfect size. It was placed on a waterproof base to lift it up higher for comfort.

The danger:
Never leave your dog unattended for a second, do not assume they know how far the fall will be or that they cannot scale the tub, a tensed up, a wet dog can sustain an injury in a second from a slip or fall.  So use common sense and have what you need at hand if you must walk away, bring your dog with you, better safe than sorry.

Now you are ready to get wet:
Place your dog in the sink or tub on a rubber bath mat to give him traction. Use tepid or warm water spray downward and rinse well, especially the feet and hind area. Add shampoo working from head to tail,  rub hair downward, not in a circular motion which can create a loss of hair and tangles. Rinse and shampoo again. Rinse, add conditioner wait a minute or two and rinse, rinse, rinse. The residue will weigh down the hair.

Squeeze out the excess water off your dog’s feet and wrap him up in a soft towel, tell him how good he was and allow him to stay wrapped up for 5-10 minutes. For short-haired dogs and in the warmer months, I’ll put them out on the deck to shake it off, cuts my drying time in half. When drying never use hot air, not only can it cause burns, it’s too harsh for your Havanese dog’s coat.

Learn about the Bin Bath! For a demonstration of what I consider the easiest and most effective way of bathing refer to This Video Bin Bath.

Drying and combing again:
This is a time where you could use a few extra arms. A stand-alone dryer is ideal for the show dog but expensive. Heated dryers can damage the hair, so I suggest an Ionized hairdryer, no heat setting, dry one area at a time. Blow the coat downward to reduce the formation of more tangle. Many tangles are gone from the pre-brushing but some minor ones will form during the bathing, get them out because little tangles will turn to big. Combing is best by using a technique called line combing. Also, you may have heard that you should never comb or brush the coat dry, so lightly spritz water or a conditioner/water mixture on the coat prior to combing. Be sure that your dog is completely dried and combed out. For more information refer to the Grooming the Havanese section

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