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Please read this message regarding inquiries: All prospective clients must speak with me first prior to submitting Questionnaires. Serious inquiries are welcome. Most information can be found in the Buying (Please Read) Page.

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The cost for a Havanese puppy can vary among breeders. Generally, you should expect to pay $1850-$2000 for an AKC pure bred Havanese puppy that comes from health tested parents! However, there are some situations which can affect the price. Rare coloring, for instance, such as chocolate, which is very rare among the breed. If you are choosing a dog for show or one with credentials such as a championship and health certifications, to use in a breeding program. Renaissance Havanese puppies are $2000. Complete details are outlined on our Deposit Contract.

Keep in mind, when searching for an experienced and  professional breeder that an annual visit to the Vet does not qualify a Havanese as “health tested”. Health testing is generally conducted by Veterinary Specialists, these specialists conduct testing within strict guidelines set forth by breed clubs, The Orthopedic Foundation For Animals and the Canine Eye Registry Foundation.

My breeding stock come from generations of healthy Havanese lines, they are raised as family companions, several hundreds of dollars is spent per dog annually on Veterinary Specialists and health clearances to ensure that they are sound, on the inside BEFORE I breed them. Our dogs are certified with the Canine Eye Registry Foundation and the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals. Our breeding stock’s eyes, patellars (knees) and hearts are certified. I offer our families lifetime support, which means you will always have an experienced person to advise you, anytime the need arises.

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