Professional breeders, do more than just breed and sell puppies. They temperament test their puppies, they collect information from prospective owners, and they evaluate their puppies and then select the puppy that has the personality that matches the prospective family. This ensures that each puppy will thrive in their new home and bring joy to their new families.

My main focus is to ensure lifetime placement, that can be achieved by matching the right puppy to the right family. For example, alpha pups will do best with children of a certain age, then with toddlers. A pup that is a little passive will thrive best with an empty-nester or a family with older children and so on.

One of my greatest responsibilities is to make sure that each puppy is given the best opportunity to live and grow with the right family. This works to your benefit as well. Therefore, placement of our puppies is always at breeder’s discretion. This requires your flexibility in regard to the color and sex of the puppy. Families are still encouraged to share their preferences but ultimately, as the breeder of your puppy, I make the decision as to which one will best suit your family. What you tell me about your family and lifestyle, is essential to the selection process.

Having a very specific preference for color is not recommended, this breed is renowned for its variety of colors, particularly among puppies of the same litter. 

Acquiring a new puppy is a very exciting adventure. I will make every effort to update families with photographs to a group of approved families, these updates are not done on an individual basis. Please be patient with us as we focus on caring well for our new puppies and our large family. I will make selections and notify each family when the puppies are eight weeks old as this is most ideal in determining their personality.

Upon meeting their selected puppy, clients and families will always have the chance to “opt out” of taking a particular puppy and waiting until the next litter. Though we have never had this occur, you should feel comfortable in knowing that you are under no obligation and have the final say in determining if you would like to proceed with the placement of the particular puppy selected for you.

Under no circumstances do we allow our puppies to be purchased and transferred to another owner.

* Visits will not occur when there is a litter “on the ground” no exceptions